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Health & WellnessJanuary 21, 2018

Cholera as an agent of change?
“Daddy, Daddy there is cholera!!!” Exclaimed Chikondi. That’s our 5 year old daughter after being informed (more like lectured) by the mother on the dangers of Cholera. “So what do you do to prevent cholera?” I asked. In rapid fire fashion likened to machine gun burst the answers come out “you wash your hands with […]

Health & WellnessDecember 27, 2017

Dear Liver Stay strong
There is a meme doing the rounds on social media as we approach the festive period and it is meant to be an apology and it reads “Dear Liver, this month will a rough one. Stay strong”. This means that the liver should be primed as a lot of alcohol will consumed during this festive […]