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Travel&TourismJanuary 25, 2020

Travel and Tours Industry 2019 overview
Zambia is bursting with diversity, scenic views, cascading spaces, and mind-blowing tourist sites. Every part of Zambia is a wonder if someone ever needed reasons enough to visit the country well here are a few. There are no less than 10 waterfalls, the most popular and largest is the Victoria Falls which has been declared […]

Travel&TourismSeptember 6, 2017

Peer to Peer Conversations:  Meeting with the heiress of a lodge empire
For weeks, I had been trying to setup a meeting with Nathalie Simwami, owner of an upcoming lodge on Buluwe Road Woodlands extension. What got my attention the first time we meet was that her business was in transition and a lot of work needed to be done to get it to her desired state. Armed […]

Travel&TourismSeptember 4, 2017

August is a busy month for the tourism industry everywhere as it is traditionally a holiday month in many parts of the world.  Usually it is the busiest month in Livingstone and tourism workers know they will be flat out for long days.  For the most part it’s a fun time; my staff and I thrive […]

Travel&TourismAugust 21, 2017

It would be hard to write anything this week that doesn’t reflect on some of the major current news around the world. Barcelona, Finland, Charlottesville, the continuing conflicts in the Middle East (Syria no longer in the headlines), the recent attacks in the UK, to say nothing of divisions and disagreements closer to home. As […]

Travel&TourismJune 16, 2017

The Value of Tourism
Starting this blog has got me thinking about the compulsion to travel as the entire tourism industry is based on this very common human desire.  For me the travel bug hit early and I was lucky enough to have my first big adventure in Greece at the age of 18.  At 21 I set off […]

Travel&TourismJune 8, 2017

Introducing Lynne – Inaugural Blog
Hi, my name is Lynne and this is my first blog for TFIZ.  Most of the time I look a lot scruffier than in the picture as I run my own small hotel.  As anyone with their own small business knows, this means that I can go from excel spreadsheets to cleaning toilets in the […]

Travel&TourismApril 25, 2017

Inside the World’s Tallest Hotel: The JW Marriot Marquis

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