Margaret Thatcher: The Woman who ruled in the 80s… with Style and Regal

This is Margaret Thatcher. She is a former and late Prime Minister of Britain. Until recently, she was the only female Prime Minister the United Kingdom had ever had.

She ruled Britain from 1979 to 1990 under the Conservative Party. She took over an ailing economy but during that time, her liberal ideologies came to the fore. She made policy decisions such as Privatisation of SOEs, Free Trade and general liberalisation of the economy. These policies were not popular with the masses, which earned her the nickname of “the iron lady”. In spite of this, she is remembered as having left a good legacy of a more industrialised and economically emancipated Britain.

Baroness Thatcher (yes she was Baroness) was married and had two children. She retired from public life due to ill health. She was never the same after the deaths of her husband of 50 years and her close comrade, long-time friend and ally, President Ronald Reagan of the USA. She suffered several minor strokes which led to loss of memory on some occasions. She led a secluded life towards the end of her life, in her posh London Belgravia home and died in 2013 after succumbing to a fetal stroke aged, 87.

During her hay days, Thatcher was a very elegant lady. She is said to have used fashion to balance her power with her femininity. She was an influential woman without a doubt. According to The Independent (Dec, 2016) some of her clothes were going to be displayed in some Museums in London. That’s how much of a style Opinion Leader Mrs. Thatcher was.

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