Keeping Up Appearances: The Lady of the House is now Dame of the British Empire

This is Patricia Routledge popularly known as Hyacinth Bucket or “Mrs Bouquet” as she used to insist on being called in the British comedy, Keeping Up Appearances, where she tried to act like a wanna-be upper-class socialite, but most of the time her attempts failed.

She is an award winning British Actress. 88 years old now and was recently knighted by the Queen as Dame of the British Empire (DBE) on 1st January 2017. She previously held title of Order of the British Empire (OBE) for her works in Charity.

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The character, Hyacinth is remembered for her ‘candle-lit suppers’, her afternoon teas with her neighbour Elizabeth who would be very nervous because she’d always be reminded of how expensive the China tea cups were by Hyacinth.

What about her immediate family? They were the reason her attempts to behave like an upper-class citizen used to get frustrated. They were ordinary people, and she often tried to hide from them in hedges. Daisy and Onslow lived in an unkempt council house. Rose the other Sister was a loose type always throwing herself at men including the Vicar! Hyacinth loved her family from a distance. Unfortunately for her, she kept bumping into them at social events and did not understand why people actually genuinely loved her siblings more than her. Her attempts to hold candle lit suppers would fail as invitees would dread attending opting to give excuses. Her only pride was her ‘rich sister Violet, with a Mercedes, Sauna and a room for a pony…’

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Remember the Vicar? What about the Postman who would be in trouble for saying Mrs Bucket? And Emmet, Elizabeth’s brother? How he’d tip toe past her house for fear of being accosted by her…? And her darling husband Richard, who made an effort to play along with her and was very patient with her…her son Sheridan with his incessant requests for pocket money…then Councilor Mrs. Nugent…who she held in high esteem.

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We learnt with sadness that in real life Onslow, (whose real name was Geoffrey Hughes) died in 2012 after suffering from Prostrate Cancer.

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Photo Credit: The Daily Mail Online UK

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