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This week lets look at how to prioritize exercise so it consequently becomes a lifestyle. It is easy to feel motivated by the idea of exercise but getting past the idea stage or consistency is where most fail. Corporate Tamanga, Street smart tamanga, working mom, working dad, working singles, students….your occupation should never be an excuse or you will never start to exercise. Consider these 3 factors:

1. Personal Goals: Make a personal commitment to start exercising,it can not be forced on you.Most of us know the value of exercise,so once you make that choice stick to it.High-intensity interval training, Tabata training, Body weight exercises,Cardio routines and running are all great choices.One person’s running is another person’s yoga, weight training, or dance. Self-discipline is often necessary when it comes to exercise, but make it easier on yourself by choosing a form of exercise that fits your lifestyle, personality, and taste. Note that trying different forms of exercise or doing them in combination is an added advantage.

2. Exercise Time:You don’t always need an hour or even 30 minutes to get a complete, effective workout. Real talk 15 mins exercises is always better than no exercise at all. Heck, even seven minutes can make a difference! We can always find a few free minutes in our day. An effective program,done frequently enough, short and speedy intense workouts can do wonders to both the body and mind. When you have more time on your schedule join a gym or fitness club as you will find more experienced people and fitness trainers who can learn dos and donts of fitness and also get to enjoy an amazing workout experience that come with the variety of workout equipment and guided coaching.

3. Good Nutrition: Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand whether you goal is weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance.First rule is don’t starve your body,controlled portions of healthy foods is key.Your diet should be in line with your fitness goal. Don’t go for fancy diet plans that you end up finding too expensive or cumbersome to follow because you do not have easy access to the foods in that diet plan.Use the foods readily available in your staple diet to make healthy meals.Nutrition is a bulky topic but in the following weeks we will go into detail on good nutrition.

ZFJ in action

Fitting exercise into your busy schedule may seem hard, but it’s worth the effort.Try it for a month. I think you’ll find that it pays you back many times over, and in ways you never expected.


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