A clutch bag is like a condiment in a meal, such as salt, pepper, sauce, mustard et al, which adds flavour to the food. The sauce you add to complete the taste. You can not have too much nor too little. It has to be just right. In economics we would call this a point of equilibrium.

In the same way, a clutch bag completes your outfit. As such, it must be chosen carefully because it can make or break an outfit. In economics we would relate this to the Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns- having the right balance and resources to give you the optimal output…beyond which, you start getting negative returns. Over doing anything in fashion can likewise, make an outfit appear ‘tatty’. So you’ve got to ensure you have the right balance in terms of colour, texture and material. Is it fur, patented leather, soft leather, glitter, matt, suede, velvet, with tussles, smooth or textured? These are considerations to make when putting an outfit together. How does the clutch fit in together with the rest of the accessories? In economics, we like to consider all factors of production that are needed to produce the desired output. In economics we also have goods whose demad is inelastic to price changes. Aesthetic goods are an example…a story for another day!

Welcome to December, the party season. Transaction Cost Economics is real folks…Let Knightsbridge Place style your party outfit this season. Outsource this to us, your trusted outfitters. We have all these clutch bags beautifully presented and ready for your take in our brand new store. Whether you are attending a Black Tie Event or High Tea, we have beautiful frocks and English Hats to go with as appropriate. More on the way. For men too, dinner shirts, bow ties are available in-store for your Black Tie Events…lots more on the way. Visit us and grab your statement clutch, while they last.

We are at Centro Mall in Kabulonga next to Pick n Pay. We are Knightsbridge Place.

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