Travel and Tours Industry 2019 overview

Zambia is bursting with diversity, scenic views, cascading spaces, and mind-blowing tourist sites. Every part of Zambia is a wonder if someone ever needed reasons enough to visit the country well here are a few.

Samfya Beach

There are no less than 10 waterfalls, the most popular and largest is the Victoria Falls which has been declared one of the wonders of the world.  Zambia has 20 National parks and 34 game management areas where one can enjoy exciting wildlife safaris. Luapula province has two large lakes namely Bangweulu and Mweru for those that like marine sport Samfya has sandy beaches.

Samfya has become popular a hangout spot, breathtaking views, authenticity of the local people and let’s not forget you cannot be in Samfya and not have the Local fish better known as ‘Imbowa’ or catfish, it goes beyond a myth the sun really does meet the waters, a slice of paradise, tranquil scenery right in the heart of Zambia.

If you are looking for a venue, family road trip destination or a local tour for local and international tourists this is the place for you, how do I get there you may ask? .Air, Road applicable to both private and public transport, local regular bus services such as P.Mwansa, Juldan for your air options to avoid those long hours of sitting Mahogany now has routes through Mansa with Airport Shuttle Services to make commuting from Mansa to Samfya easier, below is an image of Samfya beach.

Zambezi and Kafue plains transform into water lands during the rainy season [November to April]. Kasaba Bay and Lake Tanganyika in the Northern Circuit are renowned for angling enthusiasts.

Tourism plays a huge role in Zambia’s economic factor, in this particular piece we take a more candid look at the travel and tour industry as of 2019. Zambia has a lot to showcase for the Elite as well as your modern-day scholar, businessman, family, etc.

Travel has over the past three years and more become more popular with the rise of more local brands coming up such examples are Mahogany Airlines which is has been a friendly competition for more established or recognized Airlines such as Proflight. Before now air travel was considered a luxury in Zambia an opulent habit one may call it.

However this has never been the case perhaps we can then call it a not so popular concept at the time, not only is it made affordable, it is readily available, convenient as well as time-saving.

People as a whole have been more open mind to the idea of traveling and realized you can never see it all, for the longest time we as Zambians have a notion that to travel or explore one can only do this overseas or internationally but we Have amazing jaw-dropping inbound tourism to offer right here, looking for a safari thrill, bungee jump, water fun we have it and no I’m not just referring to Livingstone you cannot even begin to fathom just how much we have, Siavonga has this rustic earthy Holiday aurora relaxing yet thought-provoking, you think that’s exciting have a look at Avani a Hospitality giant in itself right now, elegance, opulence, a posh feel right in our motherland.

Avani Livingstone

2019 Saw a rise in more exposure for the travel and tours industry with local tours becoming a hit for international tourists, modern tours as well as village tours that give insight into Zambia bare and unscripted, a heritage so rich till this day that we live by and don’t change but only improve, in the past years we would only be accustomed to a handful of travel operators or agencies but as of 2019 this was not the case the handful tripled people driven with ambition as well as passion, take for instance Luciano Travel and Tours a family-based travel agency small knitted but jam-packed, started in 2008 in a house but today proudly markets Zambia with great pride, it’s amazing to see Zambians do big right in their country because let’s face it if you can make it anywhere you can make it at home too it is all about hard work and determination.

Travel and Tours industry has opened not only doors but gates to the youth, fresh minds eager to travel who in this digital age use social media platforms to sell our beautiful country through snaps on Instagram or YouTube pages thousands are reached out to and this captivates a viewer, we must be doing something right to Host Major International Actors such as Will Smith as well as Music Entertainers who travel for music and food festivals, some artists such as Yemi Alade,  a Nigerian based Musician who partnered with our Local Artist Tsean for a beverage brand, that a part of tourism which makes up travel too what we see as people stay in our minds as people we rely on what we see and what we are told as more people view they will be curious to visit Zambia.

Selfie by Isabel Bella themed “Be the Change you want to see”



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